Whats the cost of a new roof?

Updated: Jan 6, 2020

The cost of a new roof depends on the contractor you hire and also the quality of material they use. Lets sort out the roofing terms for the size of your roof. So for every 100 sq ft of roof space will equal 1sq in the roofing industry so if you have 1000 sq ft of roof it would be 10 sq or if you have 1450 sq ft of roof space it would equal 14.5 sq and so on.

The price of your roof can range from $200 - $600 a sq and this can all very from contractor, difficulty of roof and quality of material.

In my humble opinion prices that range in the 200$ a sq mark would be low quality material and low quality workmanship due to the fact that the workers will be put under stress to make up for the low bid meaning the work will be rushed and many cases things are over looked.

How would you know your bid is in this range? All you would have to do is divide the subtotal of your roof by the number of roof squares. Lets say your subtotal is $3800 and roof sq is 18

It would be 3800 divided by 18 = $211.11a sq . Lets just say this roof was an easy walkable roof at 18 sq I would say 300-400 would be a better range in safety of good workmanship so lets do 18sq times $300 = $5400.00 thats a $1600 difference from 3800.00 this company should be able to pay there guys a decent wage and have some mid tier products on the roof.

Now lets do $400 times 18 and this is where you should see product and quality difference but don’t be fooled some contractors will use the same product and just try to up sell you on workmanship warranty some as high as 25 year workmanship and in my industry thats a bunch of Malarkey you should go for the better product as to having to deal with a warranty claim that may have multiple conditions in the fine print. 400x18=$7200 , we went from $3800 to 7200 with a $3400 increase with this number we better have a roof that will last a long time with quality workmanship. The numbers that I’m explaining only apply to asphalt shingles. If you would like to find out the cost of your roof replacement contact us for a free price.

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