Maximum Ventilation

Get the ventilation your Canadian roof needs 

Maximum ventilation Company has created some amazing and well respected products in the roofing industry and KW Roofing Solutions acknowledges this by working first hand with their

Great products.


     Lets talk about their exhaust vents made of galvanized  metal with a built in metal wire mesh to keep the critters out, these vents stand tall and never get obstructed by the winter snow unlike the low profile square vents. This insures that you the home owner have ventilation all year round and are not at risk of having condensation build up during the winter months.

These vents come in 4 different models from the smaller ones covering 200 sq ft to the largest vent covering 1250 sq ft of attic space, thats equivalent to having 8 square vents on your roof put into one vent meaning less penetrations into your roof.