Roof Iinspection

Roof inspections are highly recommended do to the extreme weather conditions that your roof endures. If your roof was freshly installed it is very important to have a follow up of your new roof with pictures or videos to have peace of mind with the quality of work. If you have never had a follow up of your roof and is at least past 5 years in age

then its time to call K-W Roofing Solutions. We do a thorough inspection of your attic looking for any wet marks from roof leaks, we make sure that your soffits are not plugged by insulation and we do a thorough roof inspection. Once this is completed we will update you with pictures and videos and the condition of your roof.Please watch the video above of this inspection and the solutions we bring to our happy customers 


Get your roof repaired by K-W Roofing solutions we guarantee our work.

Our roof repairs come with a standard 10 year workmanship guarantee 

of the area of repair along with pictures of the repair or video to give you peace of mind. Check the video above to see our repair process and book your appointment today!

Roof Ventilation

Let your roof breath again

You may look up at your roof and thing that you may have ventilation going on because you see some boxed vents on the roof. You may see some wet marks on you’re ceiling that only occurs during the winter months leading to roof repairs that you don’t even need.

You may be experiencing some excess heat in your home and needing to have the AC unit constantly running. 

You maybe smelling some odours of mold and not no where its coming from.


Just because you see some vents on your roof doesn’t necessarily mean that your roof is ventilating properly its only a part of the venting system.

You need to put the soffit vents into factor. With out the soffit vents pulling in  fresh outside air into the attic to push out the old stale air out the boxed vents on your roof it would be a failed system. You need both soffits and roof vents working together but in all honesty this is not the case with most homes leading to costly and harmful outcomes. Well I have soffit vents and I have roof vents that means that my venting system is perfect yet I still have moisture issues in the attic in the winter times. If you have both soffit and and roof vents yet you’re experiencing moisture problems then we have to look at the potential for clocked soffits and this could occur  from insulation backing up into the soffit air way. The insolation chokes off the supply of new air but don’t worry this is fixable by installing baffle vents that create an air way between the insulation and soffits. Installing baffle vents is best don during the fall and winter months or early in the morning during the summer months to beat the brutal heat that occurs in your attic.


     For more professional information on some of the venting issues that your dealing with 

please contact us we are here to help you. Or if your concerned about your venting system on 

a new purchased home or a rental property you own and need an inspection please contact 

us it only cost 100$ to have peace of mind.